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The Other Steve Miller

Work Samples


Innovation positions SkevCorp, RST for further growth in the enterprise cloud market” — I was commissioned to write this piece for a local cloud enterprise startup, but have changed the name for the purposes of including it on this blog.

Aggregating User Data for Scalability” (PowerPoint) — I gave this presentation to a local green-building non-profit as to how best grow their business on a national and international level.

Small and simple suits Green Carpet Cleaning owner” — I wrote this piece for a monthly business publication.

T-Man Cometh” — I wrote this story Fall 2009, and it appeared in the Montana Kaimin October 2010. In March 2011, it received a Hearst Award in the Personality/Profile Category.

Long Road to Care” — This appeared in the University of Montana’s Native News Honors Project 2010 Edition, titled “Living Sicker, Dying Younger.”

Renovated schoolhouse sits idle – Target Range project stalled over money, policies” — I wrote this over the course of two weeks in August 2009 when I was a general assignment reporter intern for the Missoulian.

Members of a Family” — A first-person essay published in the Montana Kaimin April 2008. Here, it appears on the a..sinner blog.

To view more current writings, see my blog page.

Development/Content Management

MoneyGram Country Sites — I manually added all content and assets for more 130 country/language sites for the corporation’s redesign project, in addition to managing all other phases of the project under a very aggressive deadline. The site structure in the CMS was very complex, made even more so when inserting non-English content (see French and Arabic variations as an example), but the client signed off and approved my work. Prior to adding content, I also trained the client how to operate the new site.

Athena Energy Corp. — Relaunched the entire company website in anticipation of a business development conference within one month. I also generated and developed product purchasing/e-commerce portion of company website as part of relaunch efforts, in addition to assisting in redevelopment and rebranding of Athena’s social media campaign;

Step 1 Films — This was my first extra-curricular web dev project, where I repurposed a pre-existing theme to suit the client’s purposes. The website gave the client a much-needed online presence, which later served as a springboard for a successful Kickstarter project where they $188,000 for the production of their documentary Rewind to Fast-Forward.

Henry Nevison Productions — This was my second extra-curricular web dev project. Henry is a Philadelphia-based filmmaker who’s been directing, editing, writing and producing films for four decades and, like Step 1 Films, needed a web presence. I repurposed this theme in time for his Kickstarter campaign, where he successfully raised $88,000 for his documentary On the Other Side of the Fence.

Food Safety News — I didn’t design or develop this site; such are beyond my capabilities. But what I did, one could argue, is much harder and time consuming than either: QA, user creation, and a lot of content population/cleanup. I mean a lot — days’ worth, even. If anything, this shows prospective employers my sheer determination to get the job done.