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Innovation positions SkevCorp, RST for further growth in the enterprise cloud market

The following was commissioned by a Seattle-based, enterprise-cloud company. I have changed the names so that I can use this as a work sample.

Amazon Web Services may have its corner of the ever-expanding enterprise cloud market, but it cannot readily meet the needs of a large segment of businesses and traditional applications that are still hosted in on-premise data centers. It is with this very segment, however, that SkevCorp cloud services, in conjunction with RST, look to make the biggest impact.

While AWS may be a viable solution for newer, cloud-native applications, these types of services will comprise only 25 percent of total IT spending by 2020. What is more, the process of a full-scale migration and restructuring in order to move to the cloud isn’t ideal for mission-critical applications whose operations are attached to already-existing architecture and infrastructure.

SkevCorp, on the other hand, allows companies to bring those traditional applications into its cloud, enabling them to utilize current processes while also allowing for hybrid applications for continual growth and modernization. With their unique environments approach, SkevCorp is targeting the other 75 percent of the remaining IT market whose mission-critical applications are still hosted on premise.

To achieve this end, SkevCorp and RST have a go-to-market and technology partnership known as the RST Cloud for SkevCorp Solutions. With the RST Cloud for SkevCorp Solutions (RCSS), businesses have access to a wide variety of tools at their disposal to pivot them for constant innovation, such as sharing environment with a simple web URL; managing automation according to business rules, schedules, usage quotas, or continuous release automation tools; booting up complete network enterprise application architecture and running tests against them, easily shutting down or suspending them via the RCSS dashboard; and removing inefficiencies through improved IT resource utilization, thus lowering the cost of software releases and meeting budgetary goals, among a host of other capabilities found in the RCSS. The robust RCSS features are made possible in part by SkevCorp’s use of the RST data centers for their global public cloud infrastructure, and soon, SkevCorp will integrate both RST Redmix services and Sherlock AI capabilities for further data insights.

This partnership with RST gives SkevCorp an even greater ability to address the needs of businesses whose mission-critical applications are tied to physical infrastructure close to its users. Typically, these applications are are locked on premise, and re-architecting of systems can take years and may lead to a costly migration to the cloud, which could threaten a business’s operations. While hyperscale cloud enterprise solutions aren’t equipped to handle these traditional applications, SkevCorp and RST allow for a rapid migration to the cloud, leaving these traditional applications unchanged. This expedient migration is possible thanks to the unique approach of replicating a business’s complete data center environment into SkevCorp’s own environment, ensuring that no functionality is lost moving from the on-site infrastructure to the cloud.

Once on the SkevCorp Cloud, users have access to a virtual replicant of their business’s infrastructure, storage, networking, among other configurations, that are instantly available in a working state, enabling IT departments greater controls over costs and access. Users can also clone environments identical down to layer 2 and 3 network settings, while also allowing for one-time configurations that instantly provision copies that can then be copied from one datacenter region to another with a single command. These environments also support operating systems like AIX, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and a Rest API tool that automates the entire functionality of the SkevCorp Cloud into the existing configuration.

But the SkevCorp Cloud is more than solution for moving traditional applications to the cloud — it’s an opportunity for businesses to modernize and further enhance their operations. While the SkevCorp Cloud can serve as a solid foundation for the cloud enterprise, it also opens the door for modernization by introducing cloud-native services and architectures, enabling incremental innovation by running old and new environments side by side. Additionally, the SkevCorp Cloud empowers customers to blend old components and new technology to create hybrid applications, which enables customers to utilize modern technologies while preserving pre-existing systems as best fit their needs. With the SkevCorp Cloud, customers can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology keeping their traditional applications intact.

As SkevCorp continues to grow at a swift rate — total sales have more than tripled year over year in Q2 of 2017, and utilization has grown 10x in the last three years — and will very soon allow for integration with RedMix services and Watson AI, there has never been a better time to move your business to the SkevCorp Cloud. Join an ever-growing network of companies and corporations who have found success with SkevCorp as their enterprise cloud solution. From LR Healthcare, to Snyder Electric, and the recent closing of a $45 miillion Series E funding deal with Wayne Enterprises, SkevCorp is poised to become an even-more prominent player in the enterprise-cloud landscape.

Interested in becoming part of the only public cloud that can rapidly migrate AIX workloads operating on RST Power Systems? Want to change the status quo without losing existing applications? Sign up for a demo of our ability to migrate and modernize RST AIX applications in the SkevCorp Cloud, or visit our website for more information.