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Newsfeed Anxiety’s The Disconnect: A Look Inside and the History of (Part I)

The world has never been more connected than it is today. Such is the topic of many a tech trend story, citing social networking sites, various modes of communication and notification serving as the digital ties that unite us. We can have hundreds of friends, followers, subscribers, connections, buddies, Pinners, Instagrammers, and so forth. We’ve… Continue Reading

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Andrea Desmond’s “Teal Water” — Making the Video

(A brief note from the future: We were actually very unsatisfied with the final result, so much so that Andrea had it taken down from Vimeo and expunged from the Internet, like it never happened. I’m publishing this post retroactively in 2014 because it represents an important part of my musical history—and it took a… Continue Reading

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Mariko Ruhle’s The Wonder Years: A Look Inside

During the cold, steel-gray bleakness of mid-February Seattle, Atticus Wyman, Jeremy Bang, and Mariko Rose Ruhle invited local and visiting musicians — some from as far away as Austin, Texas — into their two-bedroom Capitol Hill/Central District apartment for futon lounging, down-home cooking, friendship, fellowship, Netlfix streaming and, of course, music. While this is nothing new… Continue Reading

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Wanna listen to an excellent band with a storied legacy? Look no further than Wanna?’s Legacy

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in there. Welcome. Please, enter. I know it’s been a long time. A long time. In the past, I’ve tried justifying my blogging absence with well-reasoned — if not somewhat overwrought — explanations, as if my handful of faithful readers were constantly checking their inboxes for an… Continue Reading

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Behind the Scenes: Andrea Desmond’s “I Can Wait No Longer”

Things are looking bright for Andrea Desmond and her accompanying White Lights. Three weeks removed from our highly successful and well-attended show at Trinity Nightclub, we have three more gigs in the works — one of which is opening for Floater frontman Robert Wynia — and even recorded a five-song EP with former Vendetta Red… Continue Reading