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A Look Back, a New Solo Album(!) and a Glimpse of the Future

If I think back to the very first shows of the year—at the Crocodile with Mariko and in Portland with Andrea two days later—and remember what’s happened since, it’s clear that this was a very productive and active year. And while 2014 maybe wasn’t too prolific on the blog-post and/or new-releases fronts, it was actually… Continue Reading

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Wanna listen to an excellent band with a storied legacy? Look no further than Wanna?’s Legacy

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in there. Welcome. Please, enter. I know it’s been a long time. A long time. In the past, I’ve tried justifying my blogging absence with well-reasoned — if not somewhat overwrought — explanations, as if my handful of faithful readers were constantly checking their inboxes for an… Continue Reading

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Newsfeed Anxiety: The Compromise

The Compromise began as a series of bedroom demos recording in fall 2009. As mentioned before, I was still new to songwriting and supplying an album’s worth of songs for an entire band to perform, so I stuck to subjects I knew well: disappointment, struggle, disenchantment, and, ultimately, hope, all of which presented in a… Continue Reading

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Metal Face: n3tzR3m1x3z(+B-s1d3z) (Part II)

It has been some time since first track-by-track breakdown of n3tzR3m1x3z(+B-s1d3z), and for that, I apologize. Other things came up — some bigger, far more monumental, than others, but all important in their own right. Still, that’s no excuse to leave you hanging for more than two months. To prove my sincerity, I would like to… Continue Reading

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Metal Face: n3tzR3m1x3z(+B-s1d3z) (Part I)

Assuming you read this project’s background, we can jump right into the track-by-track breakd0wn: 1. St4ring Bck @ U 2.5 (Anthony Thompson, Steve Miller) This was my first full-hearted attempt at remixing, so it seemed appropriate as the opening track. For inspiration, I listened to selections from Radiohead’s TKOL 1234567 and Death Cab for Cutie’s… Continue Reading

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Metal Face Remix Album Available Now

You’ve done your homework by reading up on Metal Face’s beginnings, resurgence and reimergence. And now, you’re ready. We’ve come to it at last: the Metal Face remix album. This has been a dream of mine since the days of early Metal Face, when my favorite bands at the time — Limp Bizkit, KoRn and other embarrassing past preferences… Continue Reading