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The Other Steve Miller

About Me

guitarA bit about me: I am a writer/editor-turned web journeyman of sorts who’s lived in Seattle for a little more than three years. I got my start in the web/tech field when I was a junior in college working as the online editor for the Montana Kaimin, the University of Montana’s independent student newspaper. This mainly entailed basic HTML editing and the occasional uploading of slideshows via FTP—and, of course, many a late night, during which I juggled my coursework for two degrees (print journalism and English literature), my job as a resident assistant and my rock-star aspirations. After a one-year hiatus where I served as the Kaimin’s Arts/Outdoors Editor and the paper’s most-read columnist, I returned to my old position, and was instrumental in the site’s redesign and rebranding. The two years as the Kaimin’s web editor proved invaluable in landing me a job at LexBlog, Inc., a Seattle-based company that specializes in designing/developing blogs and websites for lawyers and legal professionals, where I worked as project coordinator for two years before being promoted to account manager. I was honored by the promotion, but was more interested in working with technological enhancements, so I decided to take the plunge and enroll full-time in Seattle Central’s web development program—a move I believe will help position me for great opportunities to come.

In November, I returned to LexBlog part time as Project Specialist, where I work on auditing, editing and testing WordPress plugins. I also keep busy playing with several local bands, such as Lowlands, Mariko Ruhle, Anxiety Fair and a handful of other side projects.

View my resume for more professional info. (PDF) (Word doc.) (Plain text).