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The Other Steve Miller
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A Quick Word

And it will be quick.

When scanning through earlier entries, I cringe somewhat over the writing. It’s too, how do you say, wordy. Like, way too wordy.

Nowadays, it’s a little embarrassing I wrote at such great lengths about what I was doing September 2009-January 2010, and in such a verbose manner. It seems a bit self indulgent and overwrought, in retrospect. But maybe that’s better than not posting at all, which is the route I’ve taken this last two and a half years.

What I will say about the present is that Lowlands has been taking a bit of a break, but will come together again in time for our Dec. 1 show at Barboza’s (we’ve also played at Neumo’s, which is a cool accomplishment). I also hope to start my own band soon, where I will be the frontman and lead songwriter — like Newsfeed Anxiety, but hopefully better after six years of playing with such talented groups as Andrea Desmond and the White Lights, Mariko Ruhle / Temple Canyon, Anxiety Fair, and Lowlands. I’ve also improved vocally since the Newsfeed Anxiety days, thanks in large part from the aforementioned groups, as well as singing in various Orthodox Church choirs in the Seattle area. At first, some of the material will be rehashed Newsfeed Anxiety songs, but I have some tunes in the works that show promise.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop a line and give a brief update on my happenings. And because this is primarily a music blog, I thought I’d feature the newest song by former bandmate Andrea Desmond, “Inner Fire.” I’m really digging the new style, and the song itself is well produced, well written, and has a great message — one that I need to heed now, as I am lacking in motivation, or “inner fire,” if you will. Give it a listen and thumbs up: